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Investment Casting, Jewelry Casting, Lost Wax Custom Casting... and MORE!

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Cranston Casting Company, located in Rhode Island, is an independent investment casting and jewelry casting company that has been serving the industry since 1948. We manufacture casting products with sterling silver, brass, bronze, and aluminum. We are specialists in investment casting using the Lost Wax Casting Process. Cranston Casting Company takes pride in providing a 100% guarantee of quality as well as protection of your intellectual property.

As Lost Wax Casting Process craftsman, we are able to solve virtually every casting problem and situation including the minimization of porosity. We also know how to regulate temperature and pressure to assure that all pieces are filled properly. Our strict casting quality control guidelines allow us to offer you castings that are sharp and detailed. And, our experience and knowledge of the casting industry makes it possible for us to maintain costs and meet delivery dates. We are available to review your concepts, designs and production schedule without cost or obligation.

For over 50 years we have served a variety of industries and markets including:

Jewelry Casting Jewelry Casting Optical Casting Optical Casting Collectable and Memorabilia Casting Memorabilia Casting
Giftware Casting Giftware Casting Sculpture Casting Sculpture Casting Belt Buckle Casting Belt Buckle Casting
Restoration Casting Restoration Casting Architectural Hardware Casting Architectural Casting Gallery Casting

In addition to creating, designing and manufacturing quality made castings for these industries, we offer an open line of three-dimensional jewelry charm casting designs. A representative sampling is in our gallery section.