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Cranston Casting

Alfred H. Schoeninger
Founder of Cranston Casting

All Your Casting Needs

Alfred W. Schoeninger
President and grandson
of Cranston Casting founder
Alfred H. Schoeninger

A Tradition of Quality – The mission of Cranston Casting Co. is to provide the industry with the highest quality of products utilizing the Lost Wax Process. Through four generations, beginning in 1948, when a German craftsman Alfred H. Schoeninger decided to venture out on his own, the company has been a leader in the casting industry serving some of the nations most prominent manufacturers.

"Our customers come first," according to Cranston Casting Co. President Alfred W. Schoeninger, who remains committed to the same ideals of his grandfather, the company founder. This commitment and dedication has helped make Cranston Casting Co. a leader in the manufacture and design of casting products for the jewelry and other industries. The company has grown from a two person casting operation to over 25 employees.

Cranston Casting Co. specializes in a quick turnaround for both short and long run requirements while maintaining competitive pricing. As a vertically integrated company, each step of the casting process is closely monitored by Cranston Casting Co. employees to assure the highest quality. The company owns and operates a 7,000 square foot modern casting facility in Cranston, R.I, the center of New England's jewelry industry. Cranston Casting Co. manufacturers its products utilizing a variety of non-ferrous alloys, Today the company casts more than 1 ton of brass per month. As a global resource, Cranston Casting Co. has customers and raw material suppliers throughout the world.

Here to serve


As part of the company's commitment to the customer, Cranston Casting Co. also offers a low cost set-up fee that allows customers to view samples prior to production. Its dedication to remaining experts in Lost Wax Casting has resulted in the company developing new techniques in design.

Commitment and Confidentiality

GuaranteeThe customer service team at Cranston Casting Co. treats all of its customers and their designs with respect and confidentiality.

Our Pledge and Guarantee

"While in our hands we guarantee design protection, casting quality, and dependable, reliable service 100%. At your request we will replace any piece at no cost that is unsatisfactory."

The employees of Cranston Casting Co. pride themselves on excellence and are committed to remain master craftsmen in the art of Lost Wax Casting. We are determined to supply our customers with the highest quality castings available at a fair and competitive price.


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