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Job Well Done
Cranston Casting is the best manufacture for quality and price that I know of.

I had done research for years to find a professional that knows what they are talking about, and can deliver a quality product. All the casting and fabricators of precious metals I encountered did not have to experience to handle the intricate designs I had. The few that did say they could cast and finish my work were charging me double or triple the price of what I thought was reasonable to sell my product for after I cast it! Most of the companies I was dealing with didn’t have much more knowledge then me. I needed a professional that could answer some questions, and raise my level of knowledge through their experience. I needed someone working with top-notch equipment and cutting edge techniques. Cranston Castings are specialists that have the knowledge and experience that gives me piece of mind when I order, so I am not worried about how the final product will look. I know they will exceed my expectations in mold making, casting, and finishing. The final product is one word, clean. I am comfortable ordering for limited edition or for large quantity. The best deal is, they also supply the most reasonable price I have found anywhere. Thank you Al and all the Artistians and workers at Cranston for helping make my dreams a reality. It is relationships like these that you keep for life.

Sincerely your loyal customer.

J.S.- WA.

Sea Shell Bracelet

Cranston Casting has been a source of fine castings (14KT Gold, Sterling Silver and Bronze) for my company for over 40 years. During my 13 year ownership period, I have found the owners and staff to be skilled crafts people, always willing to assist us and great to work with. They have contributed to the growth and success of my company.

Thank you Cranston Casting!
A.D.- RI.


Cranston Castings… excellent service, support and thin detailed castings. Masters at the craft of casting! Working with them is more like a partnership than a business agreement.

D.R.- MD.



"In 23 years of replicating antique gas lighting for many collectors and historical buildings in the United States, it is very important that a good foundry is always consistent with the quality of their cast work and prompt service. Cranston Casting in Cranston R.I. meets this criteria and is perhaps one of the best foundries that I have ever used and will continue to use their services for many years to come."
P.I.- CA.

I’ve found the staff at Cranston Casting Company accommodating not only with rush orders, but also with sound advice. Most importantly they maintain quality and turn around time is consistent.
Rose – CA

Casting Quality has been excellent!!
Thank you.
F.S.- CT

Nice charms. I was really looking for charms with a bit different look, so I think that now I have found a source. I look forward to reviewing your catalogue.

I had to let you know that the tags look beautiful!! Thanks for taking the extra time to make them look so good. We really appreciate it!!

Thanks to your company this fixture graces my dining room, Cranston Casting Company has done the top grilles, top florets, middle florets and some of the bottom grills about 10 years ago. Thought you would like to see the end product of the castings you made.
I would like to say a few words about Cranston Casting Company. We design a line of three-dimensional animal and nature inspired jewelry brooch pins. Sometimes I design some very difficult masters for my jewelry business, such as our porcupine pins. In the past, we had difficulty finding anyone to mold the animal, let alone cast the piece.

Luckily we found Cranston Casting Company. On every occasion, Al and his crew have done a very professional job molding, casting, and finishing my items.

If your customers demand high quality, Cranston Casting Company should be your source.
M.F.- CA.


Dear Al,

Thank you for the great job on our custom jewelry pieces. We were extremely pleased with the workmanship of all the pieces. If you ever have someone who is looking for a good referral, you can always give us a call.

You were referred to us by someone who creates molds/models. They said that you had provided great
customer service and quality to them. We have to agree. You were very easy to work with and you helped overcome some of our concerns due to our lack of knowledge of how the process works. Your ability and willingness to work with experts in the field as well as novices like us speaks volumes about your company and personnel.

We will be calling whenever we need more product.
Thank You once again,

Chris Wuensche
Purple Daisy Design Co.