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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cranston Casting Co. do?

Cranston Casting Co. has been producing castings through a process called Lost Wax Casting. Centuries old, the Lost Wax Process was used mainly to reproduce metal parts, and to reduce the time and labor it took to make the casting by metal smiths. Molten metal was poured into molds and then removed when solidified. Since then, modern technology has basically replaced the metal smith. The Lost Wax Process has five (5) steps to produce raw castings; the model, mold, wax, investment mold and the casting. A craft process, all the steps in the Lost Wax Process are equally important. Today’s technology enables us to mold, wax, and cast a smoother, more intricate and complex part, with more precision than ever before.

Who does Cranston Casting Co. serve?

Many industries incorporate castings in their product because of its cost effectiveness. Castings are frequently used for new ideas and sampling. Castings are often created because of their unlimited capabilities. Some of the most common industries using castings are designers, jewelry and its accessories manufacturers, craft shops, restorations, medical and high-tech manufacturers.

What metals do you cast?

The metals that are available for casting are Sterling Silver, Brasses, Bronzes, and Aluminum.

What types of designs does Cranston Casting Co.create?

Our designers have experience in creating everything from basic jewelry to decorative hardware to functional industrial parts.

What are the minimum order quantities?

Whether it would be one piece or hundreds of pieces, Cranston Casting Co. Inc can cast your jewelry, hardware, sculptures, and restoration components. Free estimating services are available so join the leading cast and call or write today!

How do I send information for quotations?

Please email, fax (401-467-CAST), or mail the quotation form on this site. Whenever possible please send an actual sample.

Do you provide custom work?

95% of our production is custom work.

How long does it usually take to get products custom made?

Normal turn around time includes 2 weeks to produce a model and provide an accurate quotation. After receipt of your signed order production should begin within 2 weeks.

Why purchase from a domestic manufacturer?

Working with a domestic manufacturer gives you greater communication, cooperation and options for finishing. Smaller quantities can be sampled and adjustments made more quickly.

What concerns should I have with purchasing from overseas?

When dealing with overseas manufacturers you should be concerned with communications, the quality of the products and the assay of the materials used. Customers may also receive products of lower quality than required without time to remake the goods. Most overseas suppliers require advanced payment making it difficult to recoup your payment if the goods are unsatisfactory.

What are the credit terms?

Casting orders will be shipped COD, Credit Card payment, or Credit Terms when established.

You can get pricing and ordering info via email! Just click the link below and be sure to let us know who you are, how we can contact you, and which items you are interested in.